A Tennessee teen has been suspended for creating an anti-harassment video in the wake of a student’s death.

In the video, ” Therefore welcomed Lebanon High School ,” Emily Gipson utilizes a free-verse spoken word poem to express their views against the school’s hostile climate. Especially, she criticized the school’s administrators for taking on a lax policy on bullying and letting harassment go unpunished.

” Posters say’ smile’ and’ be happy, ’ but how am I supposed to be happy in a world–no, in a community–where creativeness is put down, where the people who make fun of others never get punished because’ there’s no proof ,’ or’ there’s nothing we can do about it, ’ or, my favorite,’ children will be children, ‘” Gipson spoke out in the video.” Sometimes I meditate just how many children it takes dying to make a difference .”

Last fall, a 15 -year age-old student from Lebanon High School died in an apparent suicide. The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is still analyse the student’s death, figuring out whether harassment played a role, according to the Tennessean . Gipson spoke out against students and administrators stigmatizing depression, pointing out that students are repeatedly making fun of suicide instead of taking the issue seriously.

” Pain, isolation, soreness, emptiness, unhappiness ,” Gipson said in the video.” All of these words relate to the same one: Depression. Ill, unwell, weak, virus, these terms are all reasons you insure a medical doctor. Sicknesses. Depression is a disgusting illnes that haunts your spirit .”

But after Gipson posted her video on YouTube, the school proceeded to give her an in-school suspension for two days, claiming that she was ” trying to incite violence” and that she recorded the video in a classroom without permission. Meanwhile, school principal Scott Walters complained that the video” injured his feelings” as well as teaches ‘, in agreement with the Regina Leader-Post .

” I can acknowledge the perspective of the video ,” Walter explained to the Leader-Post .” Of course, she’s 16, and her view is going to be different from mine .”

This doesn’t appear to have stopped Gipson, however. A second video, ” Have I Constructed a Difference Yet ?” was likewise uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 24. Both videos are still online, with nearly 800,000 opinions on the original record and virtually 20,000 on the second.

” If that’s what it takes to make a difference, that’s what I’m going to do now ,” Gipson said to WSMV.” Because a difference needs to be made .”

H/ T Regina Leader-Post

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