Being told how to go about creating art can be really frustrating, especially when it runs against principles you value greatly. Which is why Alex Bertulis Fernande, a copywriter and creative in London, stayed her course after being told by an artwork educator that she should” dial down the feminism” in her run. She made one of the best responses to anyone complaining that women’s equality is” too in your face” or has run” too far .”

The artwork, illustrating text over and around one revolving knob dial, is titled” Dial Down The Feminism .” Below that photocopy, the dial has two options that appear 180 -degree opposites of each other. The first reads,” COMPLICIT IN MY OWN DEHUMANISATION .” and the second, which the dial is set to, says,” RAGING FEMINIST .”

A look through Fernande’s work presents she’s continually bold with feminist commentary in her artwork. One piece, part of an advertising campaign, promotes pap smear testing for cervical cancer, while another assesses the “pros” of working in Hollywood.

Across Twitter, fans of Fernande’s pro-feminism piece expressed their worship of the work.

But that didn’t stop trolls, chiefly men, from asserting that there should be some “middle ground” here, as if there was such as thing as being kind-of for gender equality but not completely.

Like Fernande says it this part, you’re either a feminist or you’re not, boys! Rest may be sure that if she’s not listens to her art teach, there’s very little chance she’ll entertain your bad takes.

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