Brian Roberto Varela( above, left) allegedly raped Alyssa Mae Noceda( right) while she was dying of a drug overdose, took photographs of her unconscious body, and mailed them to friends.

According to a police report obtained by BuzzFeed News, the Washington-state man was apprehended Thursday in Lynnwood, Washington on distrust of manslaughter, homicide by controlled substance, and second-degree rape.

The alleged incident took place on Saturday at Varela’s mobile home in Martha Lake where the 18 -year-old woman came over to party after lately breaking up with her boyfriend.

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Varela and other eyewitness told police Noceda snorted a “large line of Percs”( analgesics ), and then took a “dab” of liquid THC.

She immediately collapsed and fell unconscious, but instead of calling of providing assistance, Varela allegedly raped the young woman and later told friends he “did not know if she was alive or dead where reference is ejaculated into her.”

According to friend Jayson Pepito, Varela took several photos of Noceda naked and unconscious, and sent them in a group chat. One text from Varela allegedly read:

“LOL I believe she od’d, still breathing … I’m smashing her to pass the time.”

Another one allegedly said 😛 TAGEND

“She died having sex with me.”

While Varela reckoned Noceda might still be inhaling, he didn’t take her to the hospital as he told friends he was “too tired to do so” and went to bed. The next morning, Noceda was dead.

Although Varela’s roommate and another person told him to call the police, he closed and locked his bedroom doorway — with Noceda’s body still inside — and went to work at Dairy Queen.

Allegedly, Varela told coworkers he was required to bury Noceda, and mentioned how he broke her legs in order to stuff her body into a black crate.

After hearing this, a coworker gone on Facebook and found a post written by Noceda’s mother saying her daughter was missing. The employee contacted the police Tuesday morning.

That day, deputies from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department acquired Noceda’s body stuffed into a black plastic bin in Varela’s mobile home.

When Varela spoke to authorities, he claimed the sexuality was consensual though Noceda was “out of it.”

Additionally, after seeing Noceda’s mother’s post on Facebook, Varela allegedly utilized her “dead thumb” to unlock her iPhone in order to create a post on Snapchat constructing it look like she had run away. He allegedly threw the phone into a wooded region behind his work.

According to the Herald, at a hearing in Everett District Court on Wednesday, Varela appeared to be smirking. Deputy prosecutor Bob Hendrix said the allegations involving Varela show “a callous and shocking neglect for human life.”

Judge Tam Bui specified bail at $500,000, as Varela remains in jail.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Noceda’s honor, and it has already outperformed its goal of $5000.

[ Image via GoFundMe/ Brian Varela/ Facebook .]