John Mahoney expended the final months of their own lives doing exactly what he enjoyed — acting. In one of his last in-depth interviews before his sudden death, Mahoney spoke with Fox News about his time on “Frasier, ” beating cancer twice and the greatest exhilaration of his life.

The 77 -year-old, who starred as cranky patriarch Martin Crane on “Frasier, ” died Monday after a brief hospitalization. The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where he served as an ensemble member for 39 times, announced the beloved performer suffering from complications caused by cancer while in hospice care.

The British native, who called Chicago home, invested the final months of 2017 be contained in his last play-act, “The Rembrandt.” Fox News spoke to Mahoney in October while he was in rehearsals for what would turn out to be his final role. It was a play-act he enthusiastically described as one of his favorite projects to tackle in recent years. He terminated up wrapping up his role in the play on Nov. 11.

Fox News: Many fans still recognize you from your time on “Frasier.” How do you feel about the role today?
John Mahoney: When it was finally over, I wasn’t sorry it was over because I thought we had taken the depict as far as we maybe could. But, leaving[ the cast] was a heartbreak of immense proportions.

I absolutely loved David[ Hyde Pierce ], Kelsey[ Grammer ], Jane[ Leeves] and Peri[ Gilpin ]. They were so close. When I left England to immigrate to the United States, I didn’t guess I would ever miss anything more at that time … But it was just as bad to leave “Frasier” and those friends behind. I can’t tell you how close “were in” every single period for 11 times. We merely adored each other and still do.

Fox News : Do you stay in touch with your castmates?
Mahoney : I surely do. Kelsey is so busy, I rarely get in touch with him. But it’s ever a pleasure where reference is do eventually meet up or call one another. David, Peri and Jane — yes, constantly. I’m a godfather to Jane’s son Finn and I was just talking to Peri a few days ago to see when she would be back in Chicago … I keep in touch with them all constantly. I miss them every day.

The cast of the sitcom “Frasier, “( L-R) Dan Butler, John Mahoney, Peri Gilpin, Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, and David Hyde Pierce, poses backstage at the 50 th Annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on September 13, 1998. The series transgressed an Emmy record by winning for the fifth time. ( Reuters)

Fox News : Kelsey Grammar previously is to say you and Moose( Eddie the dog) didn’t get along.
Mahoney : That was a problem at times( laughs ). I desire dogs. But Moose … he tolerated everybody else. Jane constantly tried to make friends with him. I only recognise right off the bat he’s not interested in me. So to heck with it! I’m not going to knocking myself. I’ll simply tolerate him as much as he tolerates me. And so, we got along all right. He bit me twice.

But I didn’t blame him. One period, we were getting in the car, and I shut the door on his tail, and he went and got me a good one. And then another time, in a scene I was supposed to pick him up to see if the sons had a occupation done on him at the vet. When I did, I did it from the back and he wasn’t expecting that. So as I picked the dog up, he turned around and bit me …. He was a temperamental actor as far as I’m concerned.

Fox News: You used to teach English and edit a medical journal. How did that lead to acting?
Mahoney : Acting was something I always wanted to do. But I guess I didn’t have the bowels to do it. I immigrated to this country when I was 19 — I was born and raised during England. My sister brought me over here and she was a campaign bride. I simply didn’t want to be living off them. I took what I guess you would call the easy way out. When I get out of the army, I went to school with the relevant recommendations of becoming a teacher.

I taught English and ran my behavior through college as an orderly in a hospital. So by the time I was out of college, I had a Master’s Degree in English and about six years of experience in medical job. When I moved to Chicago, I took a undertaking as an associate editor on a medical periodical because that’s what I knew. But I just got to a degree in my life when I recognized I only didn’t wishes to do this.

Kelsey Grammer, left, with John Mahoney. ( Reuters)

Fox News : And then what happened?
Mahoney: You know what made me truly happy? When I was a kid in England, I was in the children’s theater … I simply felt I had to try acting one more time. And if I fail, I fail. But if I don’t, perhaps I can find some sort of happiness and fulfillment in life. And I did. I enrolled in an acting class in Chicago … I get cast … Everything simply fell down place … It was as if life said, “All right, let’s get going.”

Fox News : How does it feel to return to the stage?
Mahoney: It feels great. I chose two to three years ago that theater is actually all I want to do. I’m not really interested in cinema and television services and facilities anymore. It was a wonderful hour and I enjoyed it very much. But, I did “Frasier” for about 11 times. I was basically living out of a suitcase because I never moved to LA. I came back almost every weekend and even though I did the show in LA, I lived in Chicago. That’s where I preferred to be. I don’t truly care to travel anymore, especially as I approach the golden years. I just really, actually love being on the stage and being home in Chicago to do it.

Fox News: You fought cancer over 20 years ago. What was that experience like for you as a working actor?
Mahoney: I had made some of my greatest movies when I was diagnosed. I wasn’t is letting this cancer get me. I waited too long to do this. When I was told I had cancer, I said “I don’t care. Let’s do whatever we need to do to beat it. It’s not going to get me.” And medical doctors have always said that my attitude had a great deal to do with my cure.

I only perfectly refused to be beaten by it. It sounds like I’m daring fate. But it’s the truth. It attained me run ten days hard, ten times more. I became nothing down and instead, tried to do almost everything I was offered to make up for the years that I hadn’t been doing it when I should have. I is considered that had quite a bit to do with my recuperation. I did recover.

John Mahoney rehearsing for “The Rembrandt.” ( Michael Brosilow)

Fox News: How are you these days( in October 2017 )?
Mahoney: I lately had cancer again, stage three, 3 years ago. And to tell you the truth, I thought I only had a bad cold. But physicians said it was inoperable. It sounded really, really terrible, like I was on the way out. And now, according to my doctors, I’m clear of it now. I had my chemo, I had my radiation treatments, I lost my hair — the whole routine.

But once again, I think a lot of it, in addition to having great doctors, is just I’m so, so incredibly, unbelievably happy with what I’m doing that I think it took over my mending an awful lot. I refused to yield to it because I love what I’m doing so much. And I refuse to sit at home and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I simply want to get out there and do another job.

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