Travel gently with this 15 -in-1 coat.

Image: baubax

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Imagine attempting $20,000 through Kickstarter to fund your new idea. Imagine meeting that goal in five hours. Imagine elevating a casual $9.2 million by the time your fundraiser finally wrapped up.

That was current realities of a guy named Hiral Sanghavi in 2015 when he debuted the all-in-one BauBax traveling jacket on the fundraising site. It’s since gone on to become one of the most successful crowdfunded apparel items ever, having elevated that aforementioned sum on Kickstarter in addition to $11.6 million on Indiegogo.

So why are people so enamored with a simple hooded, zip-up coat?

The thing is, the BauBax is anything but a simple hooded, zip-up coat. It’s like if a Swiss Army knife had a baby with a cozy coating: Jam-packed with useful features yet warm and durable, continuing you organized and comfy no matter where life takes you.

Take it easy with BauBax.

Image: baubax

It was Sanghavi’s own busy, jet-setting lifestyle that inspired his wife, a designer, to generate this revolutionary garment: “She works on the Western coast and I’m studying for my MBA at the Kellogg School of Management( at Northwestern University in Illinois ), ” he told CNN Money in a September 2015 interview. “It’s a long flight and I’d forget to take my neck pillow and buy a new one at the airport.”

Besides building Sanghavi’s much-needed neck pillow into the BauBax — one that easily conceals in the jacket’s hood and inflates in two seconds — his wife committed it more than a dozen other travel-friendly features. Within the BauBax’s soft cotton-polyester construction, you’ll find an eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, a microfiber cloth, and a zipper with a built-in pen and stylus, as well as pockets for a tablet, a sip, a passport, a phone and its charger, a blanket, and sunglasses. Basically, it’s a wearable replacement for your carry-on bag and your wallet.

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