My aren’t you a bunch of sly bird-dogs. Pornhub, a website devoted to the distribution of pornographic videos, is onto all you porn devotees and your sexy, sneaky ways.

In a virtually catastrophically complete year-in-review post, the company has laid bare all of our deepest longings. Many of the takeaways are mundane. Women enjoy celebrity sex videotapes and lesbians. Men enjoy MILFs and “step mom.” But both sexualities exhibited an uptake in videos about fidget spinners, a flustering if not obvious altered in the world id.

Thanks to Pornhub’s unique stance at the junction between our keyboards and our right hands, studies like these likewise assist us understand home computer and mobile usage on a global scale. After all, we all tend to enjoy our porn on our personal devices.

Android and iOS are nearly tied in their utilization as porn delivery boats, while Windows wins in the desktop OS war. Chrome is the most popular browser must be accompanied by Internet Explorer. Edge and Safari share a middling 8 percent of fapster activity. The Xbox and PlayStation are two dependable porn systems, and even the Nintendo 3DS got a hearty 1 percent.

Interestingly, the celebrity searches component of research reports presented deep, expected interest in Kim Kardashian, but likewise YouTube gamers like SSSniperWolf. This be removed from macro-celebrity to micro should intend some interesting times ahead as everyone with a Twitch channel will run to do a sexuality videotape to elevate viewership. It’s also important to note that folks searched for noodz of D.Va from Overwatch and Nintendo’s Zelda, something that should give us all pause as we wait for the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Porn will always be with us, and Pornhub, for their portion, have a deep and fascinating window into our viewing habits. The power of Pornhub’s tracking mechanisms — and they are watching everything you do( anonymously, we presume) — is that it gives a perfect picture of our kinks, our desires, and our human foibles. Failing to embracing new media was the death of the age-old. Fortunately Pornhub is making new media and its attendant tools the bear hug it deserves.

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