Claims Michelle Williams paid $1,000 for reshoots after Kevin Spacey was replaced, but Mark Wahlberg reportedly get $1.5 m

Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 m( PS1. 1m) for the reshoot of Ridley Scott’s film All the Money in the World while his co-star Michelle Williams was paid $80 a period- a total of less than $1,000- according to reports.

Scott’s thriller, about the 1973 kidnap of Paul Getty, was only two months from liberate when the director called the last-minute reshoot of 22 scenes featuring Kevin Spacey, after the actor was accused of multiple countings of sex crime and harassment.

Scott told the Guardian in an interview published on Saturday that he belief the bad publicity around Spacey would” infect the movie” and make it difficult to sell.

In the same interview, Scott said all the actors involved in the reshoot had agreed to do so unpaid. But USA Today reported on Tuesday that” three people very well known the situation but not authorised to speak publicly about it” had confirmed Wahlberg’s and Williams’ reshoot costs.

Williams, one of the founding members of Time’s Up, the Hollywood-led response to sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace, was reportedly not told of Wahlberg’s fee. Neither Williams nor Wahlberg have commented on the reports.

Jessica Chastain (@ jes_chastain)

I heard for the reshoot she got $80 a period compared to his MILLIONS. Would anyone like to clarify? I genuinely hope that with everything coming to sun, she was paid fairly. She’s a brilliant actress and is wonderful in the movie. https :// VzGA2ucAjV

January 9, 2018

The reshoot fee differential was flagged by some Hollywood figures on Twitter shortly after this week’s Golden Globes awardings, which realise many Hollywood females wearing black on the red carpet to demonstration sexual harassment and assault.

Actor Jessica Chastain tweeted that she had heard rumors that Williams had received “$ 80 a period compared to[ Wahlberg’s] MILLIONS” for the reshoot. Hollywood gender equality advocate Melissa Silverstein called the reported pay gap “egregious” and “unacceptable”.

Judd Apatow (@ JuddApatow)

This is so messed up that it is almost hard to believe. Almost. This is how this business projects. I wonder if the studio or Wahlberg will do something to attain the situation less insane. https :// RsunBlOeCk

January 10, 2018

In an open letter published on 1 January, Time’s Up argued that the” systemic gender inequality and imbalance of power” in the workplace” fosters an environment that is ripe for abuse and harassment against wives “.

The collective’s projects include the establishment of a legal defence money to facilitate women in less privileged professions to combat sexual harassment and assault in their workplaces.

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