When Kevin’s wife left, she forgot one important detail. Kevin. LOLz!

Kevin Hart shared a HIGHlariously relatable Instagram Story on Wednesday about being left home alone with the children and puppies as his wife Eniko Parrish went out for “a couple hours.”

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The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star says he was fine watching the three kids, including newborn Kenzo Kash, for a while 😛 TAGEND

“I had it under control in the beginning, I actually did, but then the newborn started crying, so I went up and I grabbed the baby.”

Then after he “changed the baby’s diaper” abruptly he heard barking…

“Came to find out my puppies got outside. Not really sure how — my big Doberman opened the goddamned door.”

Um, what? Find out what happened to give Kevin a “mini breakdown”( below ):

“I got the baby, so I call my other children — my 12 – and my 10 -year-old — they don’t hear what i just said,’ cause they got the virtual-reality play set on, so they can’t hear shit I’m saying. That’s when it got real.

I had to threw the baby down in the crib so I could go get the dogs. Soon as I put the newborn down, the baby started crying. I somehow hit my foot on the rocking chair, twist my ankle. Ouch.

Now I’m going outside to get the dogs, but I still got the baby stuff hooked up to the end of the chair, so I knock all that shit over — Diaper Genie, everything. I say fuck it. Shit get real. I move grab the dogs, get the dogs inside, the baby’s crying still … gotta go grab the baby.

At the same time I grab the child, I go inside the chamber and knock the VR( virtual reality) set right off my damn kids’ heads. They said,’ What’d we do? ‘ I said,’ Nothing, human. Dad only had a mini breakdown. Y’all become the volume down on that shit so you can hear me next time I call you.'”

Sounds more like Mr. Mom than Home Alone tbh, but we’d is all very well with Kevin remaking either. Especially if he was playing an 8-year-old. Ha!

[ Image via 20th Century Fox/ Instagram .]