Technology is always evolving. In 2018, the evolution will not concentrate as much on faster telephones or bigger televisions( although those things will happen ). Instead, artificial intelligence will evolve, likely faster than any of us can predict. To give you a indication of what’s to come, here are a few gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show( CES) in Las Vegas that push the AI envelope.

1. Cocoon Cam Clarity

Cameras already recognise us — simply try the new iPhone X. But this smart baby monitor camera can even tell if the baby is breathing and send you real-time data and alerts. The new version adds sensors for humidity, temp, sleep analytics, and alertings if the newborn is crying.

2. Byton Smart Intuitive Vehicle

What attains this autonomous car so interesting? Inside, a network connects at extremely high-speeds to feed infotainment data into the cab( suppose: 4K movies and video chat ). Instead of one main screen, there’s a display for each passenger in the vehicle.

3. Hyundai Intelligent Personal Agent

Can you text from your vehicle? Not usually in the majority vehicles — or legally. But a new voice-enabled bot in development at Hyundai could change that. You can talk to the car to text, induce phone calls, get guidances, and even open the sunroof or enable the AC.


4. Speak Music Muse

I’ve already started testing this voice-enabled controller for your car, which uses Amazon Alexa. You can inform the bot to play your favorite song, turn off the lights in your home, or create a task listing for when you get home from job. It works with Bluetooth or the Aux in port.

5. PianoGo

This AI-powered iPad app works with The One Smart Piano. Using machine learning, the app can monitor and track how you play, comparing the outcome and provide an assessment. The AI can tell if you are playing with accuracy, enough expres, or good rhythm.

6. Vobot Halo Light

A bedside lamp that greets you in the morning? That’s the idea with the Vobot Halo Light, which also shines brighter as the morning progresses( a.k.a ., like the sun itself ). Once you’re amply awake, you can ask about the climate or get a news report for the day.


7. Rinspeed Snap

While it’s only a notion, the relevant recommendations of moving people in an urban area on a car that looks like a skateboard( “ve called the” Rinspeed Snap, to debut at CES) could become a reality someday. For one, you can step on easily and can step off if you don’t like how the robot is driving.

8. AR4X Security Camera

Security cameras can record footage for you and alert you to motion, but this new simulate can identify people, cars, or pets from a distance — and alert you about an intrusion. The company says it merely needs one image from your face as a comparison to other guests.

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