We’ve entered a new time, and thank god, because 2017 was getting on my fucking last nerve. “New year, new me” my ass. More like “new year, same me who impulsively shops with fund I can’t genuinely afford to blow.” Being financially savvy is probs a New Year’s resolution for some, so it’s a little bit coincidental that Victoria’s Secret’s semi-annual marketing kicked off just before the new year began. The semi-annual sale is like, the one time of the year when you can stock up on thongs, push-up bras, and discounted lingerie you’ll probably never wear, but buy just because they’re on sale. This year’s sale takes up to 65% off of a bunch of material, bringing in$ 4 underwear, $10 bras, $15 sleepwear,$ 5 charm products, and like, a ton more. Visit your nearest storage, or just shop in the solace of your own home online, duh. Here’s a preview of super cute things to buy now.

1. Dream Angels Push-Up Bra

This is one of their best and comfiest push-up bras. With its “memory fit” padding, it gives you low-key bomb cleavage, a flexible fit, and soft rims that won’t pop through your shirt.

2. Allover Lace Thong

Just your basic thong that you can never have too many of, in as many different colourings as possible. Despite the lace, it’s a flirty, low rise , no-show style that won’t give you panty lines under your leggings, which is obviously a big no-no.

3. Victoria Sport Fashion Tight

Before we gave a shit about Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret had the best leggings of all time. Honestly, they’re still pretty high on my listing, simply because they last eternally without stretching out and build my ass seem amazing–basically the only things I ask for in life. These limited-edition mid-rise leggings feature chic mesh inserts that making such a lame outfit look somewhat edgy.

4. Hooded Cardi

I feel like no one wears actual pajamas anymore, unless someone gifts them a placed for like, Christmas or something. IDK about you but typically, I find myself sleeping in old sorority T-shirts and hangover sweats. For the nights your heater seems to be broken or as a comfy substitute for laying around, treat yourself to an essential, basic, v soft cardigan.

5. Lace Fragrance Mist of Pure Seduction

Victoria’s Secret’s fragrances are always best-sellers because they smell so fucking good. In a series of fogs that take on new twists of our fave smells, this limited-edition fruity floral smell is a serious upgrade to the Pure Seduction we all desire. It’s literally$ 5 and yes, I bought like, five( if you care ).

6. V-Quilt Metallic Crackle Downtown Crossbody

I didn’t even know VS had pouched until last year when I bought my first one( at the semi-annual marketing, of course) and receives an shit ton of praises on it. So, naturally , now I buy them more often. We’re all constantly in need of a new going out crossbody to comprised all of our shit, and this chic all-black style comes with more than enough pockets and a removable tassel. Bless.

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