The Lelux Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, is currently offering a skin whitening therapy in a less than conventional place. The thought of it might construct you wince but penis whitening turns out to be astonishingly popular in Southeast Asia with clients apparently traveling from as much as is Myanmar, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. According to Bunthita Wattanasiri, who manages the scalp and laser department at the hospital, the clinic assures roughly 100 men for the methods used every month.

“These days a lot of people are asking about it, ” Wattanasiri told the AFP. “We have to be careful because it’s a sensitive part of the body.”

Unsurprisingly, news of the treatment caused quite a furor when the clinic posted a picture of a patron undergoing a laser procedure on its Facebook page. It reached viral status on Thai TV and social media.

The Thai health ministry has responded, telling people tempted to try the therapy for themselves that penis whitening is really not a very good suggestion. Aside from the side effects that include suffering, inflammation, and scarring, patients who stop care will see their penis return to its usual shade and could end up with some “nasty looking spots”, government ministries has alerted, reports the BBC. It could also harm your reproductive system and negatively affect your sex life.

But it turns out this service isn’t just for men. The Lelux Hospital’s marketing manager Popol Tansakul told the BBC they began offering vagina whitening services four months ago.

“Patients started to ask about penis whitening, and so we started the treatment a month later, ” said Tansakul.

The procedure has caught on among humen aged 22 to 55 years old and members of such LGBT community, Wattanasiri told the AFP. Patients can get five conferences for $650( PS450 ).

While skin whitening( or bleaching) has provoked a huge amount of anger and criticism concerning the health implications , not to mention the racial connotations, of lightening your skin, it remains popular in several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand. According to the BBC, over half of all clients visiting Lelux Hospital come in for scalp whitening cares. This is because darker skin is associated with outdoor labour and the working class, whereas fairer skin consider it to imply wealth and beauty.

Fortunately, with this story being an exception, the tides may be turning on this dangerous charm trend.

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