That’s a lot of cardboard containers

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Somewhere deep within his superhero hideout( or supervillain lair, depending on your point ), Jeff Bezos is probably cackling with pleasure at the revelation that Amazon Prime customers had more than 5 billion items shipped to them via the online retailer in 2017.

For the first time ever, Amazon disclosed the number of Prime shipments over such courses of a year, though, overall, the company remained unsurprisingly vague.

In a news release, the company confirmed that “more than five billion items worldwide shipped with Prime in 2017, including free same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping.”

Whether that’s 5,000, 000,001 or 5,400, 000,000 is unknown–either way, that’s still a lot of product being moved. The world’s population stands close to 7.6 billion, so that’s two items shipped via Prime for every three people on earth.

The reveal was part of Amazon’s year-end Best of Prime announcement, which runs quite the range, from most played chant on Amazon Music( “Believer, ” by Imagine Dragons) to the most ordered meat item on Amazon Fresh( bananas ).

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17 million people from 200 countries or provinces tuned in to Amazon’s coverage of NFL’s Thursday Night Football games this season.

Most of you invest the holidays in a daze. Saturday, Dec. 30, was the biggest streaming day for Prime Video. The most-watched series that day was season 2 of The Grand Tour and the new hitting The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The most-purchased items are always Amazon gear: the Fire TV stay with Alexa voice remote, the Echo Dot, and those generic Amazon power cables you can use for your iPhone on the cheap.