Image: Patrick Smith/ Getty Images

Buffalo Bills fandom has come a long way since the infamous dildo Incident of 2016.

For the first time in 17 years, Buffalo’s favorite NFL team has clinched a playoff berth. And they did it in dramatic style with a little assistance. To celebrate, Bills devotees are depicting their appreciation with money gifts for a charity foundation headed by another team’s quarterback.

The Bills objective their season on Sunday with a much-needed win over the Miami Dolphins, maintaining playoff hopes alive. But it was a astound Cincinnati Bengals upset in a match-up with the Baltimore Ravens that clinched the Bills playoff berth, and much of that win is owed to quarterback Andy Dalton’s dramatic game-ending touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd with 44 seconds left on the clock.

In the hours that followed Sunday’s games, Bills fans depicted their thanks to the Bengals QB in the form of cash gifts for the Andy& Jordan Dalton Foundation. In a Monday evening tweet, Dalton revealed that the charity had received more than 2,500 gifts over the predating 24 hours, totaling $57,000 “and counting.”

The Andy& Jordan Dalton Foundation works to “provide daily subsistence, possibilities, resources and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in Cincinnati and Fort Worth.” Dalton is a Texas native.

The Bills terminate their 2017/2018 regular season with a 9-7 record, a feat the team has managed only two other hours since 2000. But due to the lane league-wide stands influence playoff arguing, 2017 markers the team’s first visit to the NFL post-season since an 11 -5 campaign in 1999.

Predictably, Buffalo fans and players alike are celebrating.

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