What was Lucinda Chambers parting shot on leaving Vogue? How did Kris Jenner react to daughter Kylies pregnancy? And how did Ivankas Bacofoil dress measure up in the worst-dressed stakes?

Azzedine Alaia, venerated as one of the all period great couturiers, died in November. But what truly cemented his greatness?

When he was given a moniker,” the King of Cling”, because of his body-fitted clothes.

When Michelle Obama wore his clothes during her husband’s presidency.

When Cher( Alicia Silverstone) tells her mugger in Clueless that she can’t lie on the pavement because she’s wearing a dress by” a altogether important designer … This is an Alaia !”

When he was named the Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur in 2008. Radhika Jones is the new editor of Vanity Fair. What did Women’s Wear Daily focus on where reference is did a big tale about her?

That she is the first Indian-American woman to be the editor-in-chief of a US glossy magazine.

Her time as a popular editorial director in the New York Times book department.

What a tough gig it is to edits a magazine when virtually all magazines is decreasing.

That Anna Wintour allegedly didn’t like Jones’s tights when they met. Bonus question: How many times did a magazine write an article about Anna Wintour’s rumoured imagines on Graydon Carter’s fashion selections, during his 25 times as editor? That’s right: zero. Edward Enninful took over from Alexandra Shulman as editor of British Vogue this year. But in an article about what makes a good editor, what advice did Shulman commit that was widely seen as a dig at her successor, albeit denied by her?

” No one named Edward should edit a publication – it’s a scientific reality .”

” Likewise, Enninful- I don’t like that epithet either. No Enninfuls at Conde Nast, please .”

” It’s certainly not a job for someone who is of the view that the main part of their task is being photographed with a roster of famous friends .”

” Did I mention that Edward is a really bad name for a Vogue editor ?” Lucinda Chambers, Vogue’s long-term style director, has also left the magazine. And she, too, had some punchy terms on her way out of the door after 36 times. What did she say about Vogue?

” Truth be told, I haven’t read Vogue in years. The clothes are just irrelevant for most people- so ridiculously expensive .”

Vogue? It’s OK for reading in the bath, I guess, but you get more value out of the New Yorker .”

” Christ, I’m glad to be out of there. If I’d had to sit through another Emporio Armani show, I’d have feed my own fist .”

” The difficulty isn’t that the frameworks are too thin. It’s that they’re too fat .” There has been much discussion about Enninful’s plan to increase the diversity of models in Vogue. But some people insist that readers simply won’t buy a fashion magazine with a black girl on the encompas. Is this true?



Um, maybe?

Are we actually talking about this in 2017? Christopher Bailey also announced his deviation, stepping down from Burberry after 17 years. Which of the following was the unlikeliest fashion trend he started?

Trench coatings.

Mini capes.

Blanket scarves.

Burberry check publish. What, according to the Daily Mail, was Kris Jenner’s first reaction to her daughter Kylie’s pregnancy?

Konfusion!” How will Kylie post photos of herself in a bikini now ?”

Krikey!” How to fit this storyline development into the next series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ?”

Kurious!” Are there any epithets left that start with K for this grandchild ?”

Koncern!” Kylie has worked so hard to build her cosmetics empire. Kris doesn’t want to see the maternity affect how that is perceived .” Which of these modelings is NOT likewise a DJ?

Alexa Chung.

Mary Charteris.

Cara Delevingne.

Twiggy. Who is this model’s sister?




Suki. And finally, which was the worst celebrity attire this year?

Ivanka’s Bacofoil silver dress.

Nigel Farage’s man-of-the-people covert coating.

Everything Donald Trump wore on the golf course.

All of the above.

You got …

Santa is bringing you a subscription to Grazia

Santa is bringing you a subscription to Grazia

Um, you do know this is 2017, right?

Santa is bringing you a subscription to Grazia

Um, you do know this is 2017, right?

Um, you do know this is 2017, right?

Pretty good! You’re well into this zeitgeist thingummybob

Pretty good! You’re well into this zeitgeist thingummybob

Bravo! But maybe get off the internet occasionally!

Bravo! But maybe get off the internet occasionally!

Bravo! But maybe get off the internet occasionally!