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Image: Cleep

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Thanks to Fitbit and Apple Watch, wrist wearables have become almost as ubiquitous as smartphones. Sporting the most recent wearable on your wrist signals to the world that you’re an early adopter who is on the cutting edge of tech.

A Kickstarter campaign is hoping you’ll trench your fitness trackers and smartwatches to wear an HD wide-angle camera on your wrist instead.

Cleep is an Italian-designed wrist wearable with an embedded 150 o 13 mp camera that snaps photos and videos when you are crave , no smartphone involved.

Here’s the plan for this product, which at press day has just 10 days to go and is about $2,000 away from its aim: Once you bring your arm up to chest stature, Cleep’s camera turns on. You can then press the top button once to snap a illustration or twice to record a nine-second video. Comprise the button down to record for as long as you like. They’re automatically saved to the internal remembrance card and sent to your telephone over Bluetooth.

If you’re trying to choose between a wrist camera and a fitness tracker, Cleep’s got you embraced. It also utilizes activity tracking to provide metrics like paces, miles traveled, and calories burned in the app. Check out their campaign video below for more details on how Cleep runs 😛 TAGEND

According to the video, Cleep was birth of a desire to capture moments while staying in the moment, i.e. without a phone in front of your face. If I’m being honest, I didn’t get the appeal of Cleep until I started thinking about it in that context. Specially when traveling, the desire to document your journey can be in direct opposition to the pleasure of the experience. Sure, you are able look a little silly holding your arm up like you’re blocking a punch, but no less silly than you appear taking a selfie in front of the Mona Lisa.

Cleep’s Kickstarter headline claims that it’s “the world’s first wearable wrist camera” which a quick Google will tell you isn’t true, but it’s for sure the sleekest. lists theirs as a “spy camera” that’s made to look like a fitness tracker, though it doesn’t appear to be app-enabled. Beoncam, another crowdfunded machine, seems to be the most direct competitor with similar functionality. It’s much more bulky than Cleep, though, and is more like a wrist-mounted GoPro than strictly a wearable.

The Kickstarter campaign wraps up on December 18 and at the time of preparation of is tantalizingly close to its purpose. You can pre-order a Cleep now, in a small or medium size, at the early bird cost of EUR1 29( about $152) which is 50% off retail price. Or, for EUR2 0 more, you can pick up the travel pack, which includes a instance, power adapter, and an SD card to expand the memory.

If you can’t bear to give up your Apple Watch, perhaps you can construct stacking your wearables like bangles the cool new tendency — or, you know, merely wear it on the other wrist. You do have two after all.

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