2017 was a year of suprises, and the style world followed suit. Some tendencies, like the rise of “athleisurewear” and the return of ruffles, were welcome additions. But other fashions left us shuddering, particularly after models began sporting them on the runway, or style-stars started espousing them with open arms.

Check out this year’s roundup of the absolute worst style fads of 2017, and cross your fingers that they won’t sneak into the New Year, either.

# 1. Man rompers

Making their debut only in time for summertime 2017, boy rompers were the male fashion tendency no one was expecting. Even still, more than a few brave souls sported them through the warmer months. There’s even a collection of Christmas and Hanukkah-inspired man rompers for the vacation party season.

# 2. The $10,000 pizza bikini

For the working day only, pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen sold a two-piece swimsuit made wholly of real dough, cheese, sauce and pepperoni in what they dubbed “the world’s most mouthwatering bikini.” It was also likely one of the most expensive, too, at $10,000.


# 3. “Underboob”

Sure, this concept has been around for a bit, but the bold tendency genuinely picked up steam this year. Favored by starlets and modelings who dared to bare, the risque appear arrived in late August and hasn’t left red carpets since.

# 4. Pajamas as daywear

Cleverly repurposing loungewear as outerwear, the “pajamas as daywear” trend brazenly arrived in early 2017, wearing a smart, silken gown. The comfy-sleek looking gained traction with celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Zendaya Coleman and Rachel Platten.

# 5. One-piece President Trump swimsuits

This $ 50, head-turning swimsuit featuring a larger-than-life screen-print of POTUS is in fact manufactured by the same company that generated the hairy-chest one part swimsuit — no astonish there.

# 6. The “dad bod” fanny pack

At the crest of “dad bod” hype, this versatile pouch showed up as a perfect place to store brew — and kinda gross us out.


# 7. Dry cleaning garbs

While most people tend to < i> remove their dry clean purse from their garments before stepping out into the world, Moschino imagined more “inside the bag” with this $730 see-through frock.

# 8. Thanksgiving stuffing pants