And it’s on sale for a limited time .

Image: Charles darius

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Everyone has that pal whose phone is always succumbing( and if you can’t think of one, you’re that friend ). Here’s a endowment that will help them get their life together while looking good at the same hour: the Bolt Charging Bracelet.

The best thing about this simple bangle is that you’ll never lose it because you’ll ever be wearing it. And because it doesn’t definitely sounds like a tacky smartwatch, most people will just think it’s a regular age-old bracelet. Bolt balances aesthetic, craftsmanship, and modern technology all in one bracelet that( when pulled) turns into a thin USB to Lightning cable.( Sorry Android users, it merely works with Apple products .)

You can generally buy one for $45.99, which is a discount off the $75 retail price, but right now the Bolt Charging Bracelet is only $29.99 for a limited time, a 60% discount. That falls right in the gifting budget wheelhouse, so ensure that you are snag a few during this limited time sale.

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