One of the most difficult and heartbreaking parts about having pets is just knowing that someday, we’ll lose them.

That’s what James Xuereb and his family in Ontario, Canada, were faced with the beginning of this year when their beloved puppies Lucy and Nemo passed away three weeks apart from each other. The whole family was devastated, but James seemed to be affected the most. That’s why his wife, Wanda, and his daughter, Jaleen, are determined to amaze him with something to help ease his pain.

On his birthday, James received a card with a photograph of a puppy on the outside.

But as soon as he started read it out loud, he broke down, unable to read on…

…because in the card was an introduction to a new furry pal. Watch as James satisfies the aptly-named Lumo, the puppy his wife promised would “bring some happiness back into your life.” Be sure to grab some tissues before you press play.

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