You like sleeps, right? The wannabe entrepreneurs behind the Pause Pod do, too.

So they devised what they’re calling, “the world’s first private pop up space suitable for all your relaxation needs.”

Friends, it’s a tent.

It’s a small tent! It comes in a round storage tote that you’re ostensibly guessed carry around, awaiting the moment you choose you need a sleep or just some peace and quiet.

It’s a tent.

When the moment ten-strikes — be it at a public park or at the agency or, as the product’s IndieGOGO page suggests, on a rooftop (?), you unpack your small tent, defined it up and get into. It also features an extendible component for leg should you want to lay down. The price for one is $99.

And despite the flashy marketing proposing otherwise, the rest of the internet agrees: it’s merely a tent.

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