It’s fucking December, guy. As much as I wonder where the inferno this year went( since I must’ve been blacked out for most of it ), I’m beyond glad it’s almost over. 2017 was pretty shitty, tbh, so here’s to hoping 2018 is slightly better–only because I don’t think it can get any worse. On the bright side, soon enough, we’ll be bundled up for freezing temperatures, yet happily living as recluses for the next three months. With the vacation and wintertime season approaching, it brings with it a bunch of TV shows and movies we’ll gladly orgy on the couch instead of tending to our social lives. Whether you’re use your boyfriend’s, ex-roommate’s, or you actually have your own report, log into Netflix, grab inexpensive wine from Target, and get comfy. Here are eight demonstrates and movies to binge while you eat shitty takeout and live your best life in hibernation.


‘V For Vendetta’

After a batshit crazy campaign occurs in London, the city is overtaken by a controlling psychotic government. The hero in the film, who goes by V (… couldn’t tell you why ), tries to fight back in order to get the world back to some sort of normalcy. Along the style, he intersects tracks with Natalie Portman, who plays Evey. Together, they are likely fall in love, bring world peace, and live happily ever after. I haven’t “ve seen this” tbh, so whether or not that’s actually the ending, this film is supposedly v good and worth the watch.


This all-time classic is one you’ve most likely insured only because it haphazardly plays during the course of its weekends on E !. Either way, it wholly sets the mood for a much-needed girls nighttime rom-com. Will Smith is a “date doctor” in this film, aka that friend who helps you come up with your Hinge messages before there was even Hinge. He helps mentor people with like, corny pickup lines in order to score them a date with someone clearly out of their league. When Smith meets a girl for himself, his cliche tricks fail to work on his columnist girlfriend as she slowly reads his true identity. Moral of the narrative: You can’t ever lie to us daughters. We will find out. And we will kill you.

‘8 Mile’

Netflix is taking us back to remind us why we fell in love with Eminem to begin with. Not merely is he totally hot, protective, and like, family-oriented, but he’s likewise a humble rapper( who may or may not dream about killing his ex-wife ). The late 90 ’s film is based on Eminem’s actual tough upbringing, his struggles on becoming a famed musician, and most definitely, the only reason you are familiar with every term to “Lose Yourself.”

‘The Santa Clause’

It’s obvs December, so be developed for vacation classics and annoying Hallmark movies coming everywhere to a screen near you. Netflix has a ton lined up for this month, including all three parts of. In this classic, Tim Allen “accidentally” kills a humankind garmented as Santa( um, I supposed this was a family movie ?) and is immediately transported to the North pole. He’s forced to take Santa’s place on Christmas, and abruptly, he begins to gain weight like crazy and develop a long white beard. After he realizes he’s neither dreaming nor really fucking high, he decides to take on the job and all of the obstacles that come with it.

Tv Shows :

‘Dark’ Season 1

This new German series circles around a small town and its shitty, corrupted past when two children go missing. When families run searching for them, they’re introduced to shady af people who apparently are the reason why their town sucks to begin with. Supposedly full of twists, day traveling, and supernatural stuff, this is being hailed as the next The first season is going to be extremely binge-worthy when it’s too cold to part outside.

‘The Crown’ Season 2

It has already been awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama Series, so with its second season premiere all over the corner, all we can do is hope it exceeds our expectancies. The Netflix original is based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and all those who were a part of it, from the 1940 s to modern age. This may sound like your average history lesson, but I assure you, the royal -like show is much juicier and more interesting than that.

‘Fuller House’ Season 3

Season 3 of coming through this month( again) without the Olsen twins, because quite frankly, they obvs have better things to do than to pretend to be Bob Saget’s teen daughters. Um, same. The new season brings more cheesy storylines, riling af Kimmy Gibbler, and new( hopefully attractive) desire interests.

‘The Ranch’ Part 4

In case you haven’t watched a single minute of this, because same, Ashton Kutcher plays a true fuckboy-wannabe in this series. After his football job failed, he decides to run a ranch with family he hasn’t seen in over a decade. Talk about awkward. Yet, in typical Ashton Kutcher way, he likewise eventually finds himself torn between opting his current girlfriend or his high school loot call. Determine? Absolute fuckboy. Nonetheless, this shit is apparently pretty funny, so it could be worth watching purely for procrastination.

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