As temperatures fell and the time of sundown nears closer and closer to mid-afternoon, the advocate to swaddle ourselves in big cuts expensive knitting textile develops ever stronger.

Luckily a small Eastern European knitwear brand called Dukyana read our brains and designed the ideal wintertime outfit: a full-body tube scarf.

Image: dukyana

Image: dukyana

Currently available for pre-order, this massive mohair scarf measures 2.5 meters( or about 8 feet) in duration, and is also possible worn wrap around your torso like a giant leg warmer.

As discovered on Dukyana’s scarf model, their tubing knit can be worn folded to shoulder stature( the ideal styling for Tv watching) or unfolded( the ideal styling for after checking the news ).

The scarf retails for $280( or $220, if you opt for the “huge” knit over “chunky” knit) and comes in five colorings, including an inviting marled cherry-red.

If you need us, we’ll be asleep inside our sweater tubings until April.

[ H/ T: The Daily Mail]

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