There are so many animals out there who need our help, especially street puppies.

Street bird-dogs are common in countries like India, and the downside is that sick pups often don’t get the care they need because they don’t have owneds. Fortunately, there are salvages like Animal Aid Unlimited working to rescue these bird-dogs when they’re down in the dumps.

One of their success narratives, Edward, was on the brink of demise when he was found, but wait until you realize him now!

Edward had an advanced occurrence of mange, and he had curled up behind a concrete block, essentially waiting to die. He wouldn’t have lasted long long without the help of rescuers.

It was so severe that it took eight weeks of medicated baths is to clarify mange at this advanced stage. Still, Edward stayed through the treatment, getting better day by day.

Look at him now! Who knew all those spots were under there? He seems like the absolute sweetest doggo.

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