It’s no secret that Silicon Valley companies have a problem with diversity. Tech companies, particularly when you get into the upper ranks, are largely white and male. Female executives and executives of colour are a rarity. With Amazon, nonetheless, the stats are genuinely bad.

Of the 37 executives who report directly to CEO Jeff Bezos, only two are women, CNBC discovered. And among its 18 most powerful execs, only one is a woman. CNBC got the information from an internal organization chart.

Beth Galetti is the only lady at the SVP level: she’s Amazon’s senior vice president of human resources. Teresa Carlson, Amazon’s vice president of the AWS worldwide public sector, is the only other woman among Amazon’s C-suite executives, vice presidents, and senior vice presidents. None among this list are African American; only 3 are Asian.

As CNBC notes, Amazon does have women producing several notable departments of the company, nonetheless. This includes Stephenie Landry, who heads up Prime Now, Toni Reid with Alexa, and Jennifer Cast in Amazon Books.

The technology industry has come under burn lately for being a sons club. Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler perhaps most famously documented this in her memoranda earlier this year. In it, she outlined instances of sexual harassment, a toxic job culture, and sexism. Former Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist Ellen Pao has also shared her experiences, both through her widely publicized suit against her former employer, and in her recent book Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change .

And while tech companies began publicly exposing diversity reports a few years ago, most recent followups been demonstrated that change is slow. In many tech companies, the ratio of men to wives( and white employees to Black, Latino, and Asian employees) has only just modestly improved, if that.

In an email is sending out following the election of President Donald Trump, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos assured employees of his commitment to diversity.“It’s not only that diversity and inclusion are good for our business. It’s most fundamental than that–it’s simply right, ” he wrote. It’s high time some of that diversity starts to show in its upper ranks.


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