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Inside, the exhibition’s organizers have bought life and above stairs down to as proximate life as they can, with recreations of the servant’s quarterss and the main dining room, as well as Lady Mary‘s bedroom( there is, sadly , no expired Mr. Pamuk in the bed-sheets ).

Julian Fellowes, on a video introduction, greets us to a display he believes was so popular because it demonstrated two worlds of lords and maids, working in something like harmony.

Downton was an idealized civilization, stripped of divides run by privilege. That was perhaps its most fantastical element.

A little video of Carson the butler follows the Fellowes one. He is puzzled that we should want to see how those below stairs lived, as well as the poshos upstairs.

And so we begin in the servants’ one-quarters, and replica provides of where they ate, and, of course, Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen, where chaos endued at every mass dinner. And remember her meltdown over the fridge and the whisk.

The original panel of bells, whose tinkling related to specific chambers in the house for a servant to repair to, is there on the wall too. There are replica eggs lying around: the kitchen is meant to have been caught mid-Patmore conflagration.

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In between the perfectly reproduced rooms are actual costumes, as worn by Anna and Mrs. Carson, Mr. Bates and Mr. Carson, and Thomas the butler. There’s even a humorous test to take, which will tell you what position you could have within the household.

My favorite replica is the determined of stairs between the servants’ kitchen and the upstairs mansion. In the prove, the servants’ scenes were shot in a studio, and the upstairs scenes mainly at Highclere. The maids’ stairs simply stopped, and the administrator hollered’ Cut .’ Here, the servants’ stairs also stop.

For the’ upstairs ,’ the dining room is rendered again, amply specified as if for a snack, where the Dowager Countess will let forth a volley of zingers. What is striking you is the amount of detail–on plates, crystal, the amazing gowns worn by Mary, Edith, Sybil( RIP ), Rose, and the Dowager Countess, that is lost on TV, and very evident here.

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The sense of Downton, but not-Downton, is accentuated by the various videos and holograms of the actors, either welcoming us, telling us to step this behavior and that. There are story committees of characters, and various plots, be they war, pestilence, sudden deaths, secret newborns, or the constant threats to the future of the house, ever mysteriously resolved by the advent of a miraculous letter.

One room is an all-surrounding video wall of events that took place in the drawing room, and then finally–for all the style hawks–a chamber devoted to gowns, including Edith’s two wedding dresses. Helpfully, there is also a panel associating the histories of her tumultuous personal life.

Altogether now: POOR EDITH.

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Just as Carson bid us greet, so he, Mrs. Carson, and Lord and Lady Grantham bid us farewell, in another screening chamber, and–in the endowment shop–you too can buy hats just like Cora wore, as well as Downton Abbey- branded jewelry and T-shirts.

What is this exhibit? A unabashedly camp, yet straight-faced, mind-bath for the bereaved, genuinely. The superstars of the show, visiting New York City, to promote the exhibit have again spoke tantalizingly about the possibility of a Downton Abbey movie. After New York, the exhibition itself will travel to American cities, as yet unnamed.

Downton ‘ s bubble of class and social fantasy proves no signs of bursting. The exhibit is like watching the show itself on all those wintry Sunday nighttimes: a consolation blanket against the world.

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Downton Abbey: The Exhibition is at 218 West 57 th Street, NYC .

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