It’s often said that bird-dogs are man’s best friend, but if this little nugget is anything to go by, they might be man’s smartest friend, too.

Ripley is a rescue animal that desires to set her thinker to the test. Employing her deductive reasoning skills this adorable mixture of chihuahua, pug, and dachshund rapidly completes whatever puzzles or tricks her proprietor imagines up for her. But Ripley’s flairs don’t move unrewarded. For every doggy puzzle or unique challenge she completes, she gets a treat.

Ripley loves to test herself with unique puzzles that help stimulate her mind.

Ripley’s owner thought he could trick his pup by putting her ball under the carpet, but such a simple duty was no match for this pup.

She likewise rescues a tennis ball from a seesaw with ease.

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