Crazy Baby’s Air Nano wireless earbuds simply expense $99.
Image: raymond wong/ mashable

There are three reasons why Apple’s AirPods are considered the best true-life wireless earbuds you can buy: They’re small, pair actually easily to iOS machines, and only expenditure $159.

Everyone from Samsung to Jaybird to Bose have their own alternatives, but they expenditure even more. $159 for AirPods is a great price, but Crazy Baby, the company behind that crazy Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker, thinks it can offer even better sound for an even lower $99.

You may not have heard about Crazy Baby, but they’ve actually got some experience house true-life wireless earbuds.

The startup launched its first true-life wireless earbuds, the Air, last year on Indiegogo, and it was an immediate reach. It racked up over $2.7 million in crowdfunding, smashing its purpose by 5,513 percent.

The $ 169 wireless earbuds were praised for their great Hi-Fi sound quality and small size. The new Air Nano promises the same sound for only $99.

Not only that, but the Air Nano will come in 10 different colours to actually cater to a more price-conscious demographic.


I had never tried the Air earbuds before, so I set my expectations accordingly. When the company brought the earbuds over to our office, I was expecting budget sound.

However, after listening to the both the Air and the Air Nano, I was pleasantly impressed by how similar the audio quality was despite the newer bud’s smaller bullet-like sizing and design.

The splash-proof wireless earbuds use the original Air’s same CSR chip to deliver great sound. I’m not sure exactly what this marketing speak is, but I can tell you they sounded better than my AirPods. There’s more bass and a little more breakup between the mids and highs.


I only had a brief listen so I can’t say how well they “burn in” over time or even how well they isolate external voice while on the loud subway, but at the least the fit is tight and comfy. There’s no get around the fact they look like bullets in your ears like the Erato Apollo 7’s I reviewed last year.

Battery life appears to be on the weak side, though. The earbuds themselves last for 3 hours of music listening on a single accuse, which is less than the five hours you get from AirPods and Google’s Pixel Buds. The instance gives you another four extra charges for an additional 12 hours of battery life.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

At the very least, they charge up fast. Five minutes of charging in the case get you 1.5 hours of music listening.

The era of true wireless earbuds is here and products like the Air Nanos will drive expenses down until they’re affordable for everyone. The question is, at what phase does the balance between voice and price signify an inferior audio experience? Who knows, but for now, we’re just happy someone’s making good-sounding wireless earbuds that cost $99, because not everyone can afford to plummet more on them.

Air Nano is currently funding on Indiegogo and has already outstripped its objective, receiving over $219,000 as of this writing. If it beats the original Air wireless earbuds at the end of its crowdfunding, this might be a brand to keep an eye on.

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