Waggit, a smart collar for dogs, aims to help improve your pup’s quality of life and assistance humans better care for their bird-dog comrades. Like other smart dog collars — reckon Whistle, which sold to Mars for over $100 millionWaggit offers tracking, but its core value proposition is health.

“No one had really tackled health for bird-dogs, ” Waggit CEO Susan Sierota told me. “Right now, it’s all about activity or tracking.”

The collar discovers your pup’s baseline and then tracks things like a difference in vitals, torso stance( if your puppy suddenly starts sleeping on its right side versus its left side) and sleep quality. Changes in those areas could signal suffering, harm or sickness. Waggit also tracks your pup’s temperature.

The company has been working with veterinarians, cardiologists and nutritionists to ensure the accuracy of its collar, Sierota said. The product, which has been in beta since June of this year, is on the necks of 50 dogs right now. Waggit is now accepting public orders, and the first divisions will arrive in November.

Waggit retails for $249 plus a $4.95/ month cost for cellular service. It’s a bit pricey, but the trade-off is that you may be able to detect health issues your bird-dog faces. Whistle, on the other hand, retails for simply $79.

Right now, it’s only available for puppies 20 pounds or more. Down the road, Waggit will create a version for smaller dogs and cats. Waggit has raised $1.5 million to date but hopes to raise more capital soon.

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