The Apple TV is back for sale on Amazon after a two-year hiatus- a move that was expected following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s announcement in June that Amazon’s Prime Video app would arrive on Apple TV later this year. The two companies had clearly come to an agreement that benefitted their mutual interests- for Amazon, that entailed getting its streaming video app onto Apple TV devices; and for Apple, it entailed get its streaming media player on’s retail site again.

Amazon a couple of years ago had stopped selling the Apple TV, as well as Google Chromecast, even extending that prohibition to third-party sellers. The company had said at the time that it wouldn’t sell media musicians that didn’t support its Amazon Prime Video application, in order to avoid customer confusion.

But ahead of Apple’s WWDC event this summer, Recode reported that Amazon and Apple were nearing an agreement to bring Amazon’s app to Apple TV. BuzzFeed subsequently demonstrated the news, ahead of Cook’s announcement.

The product listing for the Apple TV on Amazon was first spotted by 9to5Mac, which noted the 64 GB Apple TV 4K ($ 199 ) was added to Amazon’s site in the last couple of periods. It’s likewise not a third-party index, and can be added to shoppers’ carts now even if it’s “out of stock.”( Appleinsider also observed a 32 GB model available, but said it appeared to be from a gray-market vendor .)

The re-emergence of the Apple TV also hints that the Amazon Prime Video app will soon be appearing in the Apple TV App Store, as previously schemed. But although the most current version of the Apple TV has gone on sale, the Amazon Prime Video app is still’ coming soon.’

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