Amazon Studios is on a quest- a quest to bring Jeff Bezos a’ Game of Thrones’ of his very own. But the Amazon version may be found in the stars, rather than in a mythical fantasy past. Amazon Studios is working on three new series( via Deadline) based on celebrated science-fi volume properties, including Ringworld , Lazarus and Snow Crash .

The series are all part of efforts driven by Amazon’s new Head of Event Series Sharon Gal, and all should have a strong fan following to drive initial interest, with possibilities for broader appeal along the lines of prior similar modifications like AMC’s The Walking Dead .

Of the three sci-fi names mentioned above, you’ve likely heard of at the least one, likely two, and maybe even all three, especially if you’re a regular TechCrunch reader. Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash might be the most recognizable of all the above, since it’s deemed to be a seminal project among many modern technologists. The plot follows the story of Hiro Protagonist, a pizza delivery man who also occupies a lofty part of civilization in the VR world where most people invest a lot of time.

Lazarus is a comic book series created by Greg Rucka( who likewise generated Jessica Jones ) that currently exists in the very near future, focused on feudal a conflict between 16 households who between them control the world. The families each have a designated “Lazarus, ” who is basically a super assassin.

Larry Niven’s Ringworld is another classic sci-fi volume series, and follows protagonist Louis Gridley Wu as he follows some friends in exploration of an artificial world known as Ringworld. It’s a project that’s being developed in partnership with MGM by Amazon, and it could indeed form the basis for something’ epic’ in scale.

If Amazon can pull even one of these off with something that even approaches Man in the High Castle to its implementation of production quality, it should have another hit on its hands. Will any of them be the’ Game of Thrones’ Bezos is striving? That remains to be seen.

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