The United Arab Emirates( UAE) wants to build a city on Mars. But before it does so, it has announced its intentions to build a $140 million test metropoli right here on Earth.

Called the Mars Scientific City, it would span a huge 177,000 square meters( 1.9 million square feet ), with large-scale domes housing people, flowers, and more.

The purpose of the project is to simulate what it might be like to live in a habitat on Mars. Several projects had now been done this, such as HI-SEAS in Hawaii, but the UAE’s would be considerably bigger.

“The new project is another step in the UAE’s leading contributions to the world science movement, ” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “Ministers ” of the UAE, in a statement. “We seek to set an example and motivating for others to participate, and contribute, to humanity’s procession into space.”

The domes may be made out of some sort of see-through plastic. Dubai Media Office

The design of the city comes from Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. The houses will include laboratories for meat, energy, and sea, in addition to being able to agricultural testing. And there will also be a museum to display humanity’s greatest space achievements.

It won’t be quite like living on Mars of course, considering that inhabitants won’t need to produce their own oxygen. Nor will they have to contend with Mars’ gravity, which is a third of what we have on Earth. Our atmosphere also keeps people much safer from cosmic radiation.

The plan is for at the least one dedicated team to live inside the new habitat for a year, although it’s not clear if there will also be permanent dwellers. The purpose will be to practice for an eventual manned mission to Mars, by testing out garbage and water management, along with various farming methods.

A museum will show off humanity’s greatest achievements in space. Dubai Media Office

In February this year, the UAE said it wanted to send people to Mars and build a settlement there by 2117. That’s a bit later than Elon Musk’s scheme, thinker. Before that, as part of an Emirates Mars Mission, it’s planning to launch an orbiter to the Red Planet in July 2020. Called Hope, it would arrive in early 2021 to survey the planet.

So far, the UAE has only just launched a few small satellites. But they’ve certainly got the money to follow through with their aspirations if they decide to do so.

The program is to build a village on Mars by 2117. Dubai Media Office

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