Stubbs, who liked to drink water and catnip from a margarita glass, was elected mayor of Talkeetna in 1998

Stubbs, the honorary feline mayor of the Alaska township of Talkeetna, has died at the age of 20.

The animals proprietors announced the felines fatality late on Saturday in a statement.

Stubbs lived for 20 years and the three months, the family wrote.

He was a trooper until the very last day of his life; meowing at us throughout the day to pet him or to come sit on the bed with him and let him snuggle and purr for hours in our lap.

According to Stubbs family, Mayor Stubbs, as the feline was most commonly known, went to bed Thursday and succumbed overnight, KTV-ATV reports.

Talkeetna, a city with its own population of about 900, elected the yellow feline mayor in a write-in campaign in 1998. Stubbs, who liked to drink water and catnip from a margarita glass, rapidly became a tourist attraction.

There is no human mayor in the town.

Stubbs had survived an attack by a puppy in 2013 and a false report of his death last year. But by late 2016, he was largely staying at home instead of being out and about at local Nagleys General Store.

Although Stubbs is gone, one of his owners kittens might be ready to take up his mayoral mantle.

Amazingly, Denali has the exact personality as Stubbs, the family wrote of the kitten.

He loves the attention, hes like a little puppy where reference is around people. We couldnt asks for a better understudy than Denali he really has followed in Stubbs pawprints in just about everything.

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