With no home button on the new iPhone somethings got to give, and that something might just be your power button

If you are a fan of Siri, then good news: Apple’s voice assistant looks like it will be get a advertising in the near future, thanks to the combination of iOS 11 and the “D22” iPhone( the leaked model considered to be the forthcoming” iPhone Pro, 8 or X “). If you’re not a fan of Siri, well, look away now- some of this isn’t pretty.

For the first time, Siri will sync across devices, letting details it has picked up from your telephone affect how it answers on your iPad or computer. The service is also find a slight refocus: Siri isn’t just a voice helper anymore, since “Siri” will likewise be responsible for proposing topics in Apple News based on your web browsing, or for recommending a calendar event if you make a booking online.

It’ll also be able to do translations for the first time, from English( only) to five speeches including French and Chinese.

Of course, with all these new features, the eagle-eyed may have noticed a problem: the D22 iPhone won’t have a home button. The home button is how you use Siri, unless you’re the sort of masochist who relies on hollering “Hey Siri” to your telephone all the time. What’s the solution?

Developer Guilherme Rambo proposes one potential using the power button to invoke Siri. Rambo has been poking around within the beta versions of Apple’s software liberates all summer, acquiring other clues about future products like references to an Apple TV that supports 4K. And this isn’t the first suggestion in the software that the power button could play a most varied role: another teardown, reported by Brazilian website iHelp, found references to utilizing the button to control the camera. How will this work? Will this work? Will you end up having to learn a complex command in Morse Code to actually lock your iPhone? All will be exposed next week, at the company’s launch event.

One sign of Apple’s changed focus on Siri was buried away in an executive reshuffle announced on Friday. The virtual helper is being moved from the company’s services divide, led by Eddy Cue, to its software engineering divide, headed by Craig Federighi. Cue has the unenviable undertaking of overseeing some of the company’s least-loved services, including iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Maps: freeing Siri from that line-up could work out well for the voice assistant.

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