Apple is no longer the second largest smartphone brand in the world, but the company that ultimately unseated the mobile giant isn’t necessarily what you’d expect.

Was it LG with its new, well-received G6? Nope. How about HTC, whose U11 is touted for having the best camera out there? Sorry, incorrect. So then it must be Google, whose first attempt at a smartphone induced the iPhone 7 look a generation behind. Also wrong.

Huawei, a Chinese company whose phones were not long ago rejected as “iPhone clones, ” reportedly outstripped Apple’s world smartphone marketings figure for the first time in June and July, according to consulting firm Counterpoint Research. The company credits Huawei’s investment in R& D and inventing along with its aggressive marketing for putting it in second merely behind mobile powerhouse Samsung.

The Chinese giant will want to cherish the moment as long as it can, since Apple is just days away from ramping up sales with the launch of the rumored iPhone 8 and 7S/ 7S Plus simulates. Still, overtaking Apple’s smartphone sales for any time periods, especially with little assistance from the North American market, cements Huawei’s place among the world’s top smartphone producers. Huawei dominates marketings in its home country of China, but its telephones are also popular in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Unlike Apple, Huawei offers a range of smartphones, from the value-packed Honor 6X to the flagship P10 Plus. Top features typically include a large presentation and dual-lens camera. Strangely , not a single Huawei device induced it to Counterpoint Research’s top 10 telephones sold in July 2017. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus topped the listing, while Oppo–another Chinese brand–stole third and fourth from the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which reached fifth and seventh, respectively.

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