The home stretch is upon us, folks. Within weeks, the “bezel-less” iPhone 8 will finally be unveiled, and the arduous waiting process will end. Before we were able to find what the device is like for ourselves, another rumor about the highly anticipated contraption initiated to vortex( naturally ). Reports indicate that the iPhone 8 multitasking screen will be like the iPad ,~ ATAGEND so get ready for a new experience with the 10 th anniversary phone.

Unlike telephones of years’ past, the celebratory device will waive the physical home button and instead feature new ways to navigate to and from all of the different features. A thin saloon at the lower end of the phone will allow users to swipe up and access their info, which is a redesigned multitasking UI, according to 9to5Mac. The website farther assertions this is a similar feature to the iPad iOS1 1.

The parallels between the iPhone 8 and the iPad mean that the phone will allow users to swipe up for multitasking. They can swipe even further up to return to the home screen grid. Lot’s of swiping, folks. This is a whole new redesigned multitask switcher, according to. Those who purchase the phone will not have stacks up app cards, rather horizontal standalone cards that customers can swipe through, according to Mac9to 5.

Have a look at this tweet to watch the prospects for the new phone. Pretty interesting, right?

Regardless of what clients have planned, it seems the phone will allow those who purchase it to remains busy thanks to these new upgrades. It’s certainly going to be interesting to actually access one in less than two weeks and see how all of these projections will play out.

What’s even more mind-blowing relates to the fact that in another 10 times, when the tech company is celebrating its 20 th anniversary, some experts predict the iPhone won’t actually be a phone at all, but instead a headphone-like gadget. How will people multitask?

OK, OK, I’ll take a step back and just expresses concern about this year’s release.

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