A cat looks for dry ground in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey .

Image: Scott Olson/ Getty Images

Cats tend to be cranky beasts even under the best of circumstances. So you can imagine how they might react to discovering that their homes have been inundated with up to several feet of water.

Or you can just look at the feline above, whose face really tells it all.

Photographer Scott Olson captured this incredible image in Houston on August 30, following the completion of Hurricane Harvey’s tear through Houston.

The internet being what it is, it didn’t take long for this little kitty to get meme-ified. Becomes out cute feline+ angry face= the ideal projection of our collective rage, whether it’s about the devastation in Houston or just about life in general.

One person became it into a scathing indictment of the anti-science mob that likewise doubled as an all-too-appropriate Saga reference.

Still others admired this kitty for his steely-eyed resilience.

Expect this meme to stick around for a while.

As for what happened to the original feline, KPRC 2 Houston believes he found his style to security atop a auto …

… But Scott Olson, the original photographer, doesn’t seem so sure.

Wherever you are, pissed-off Harvey cat, we hope you’re happy and healthy. And thank you for reminding us that sometimes, you just gotta rage in the face of adversity.

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