Two of the largest social media platforms are actively banning neo-Nazi loathe groups following the ” Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one person was killed when a automobile rammed through a mob of counterprotesters.

Neo-Nazis ought to have posting about the violence on social media for the past week, some even celebrating the tragic vehicular onslaught. Now Facebook and Reddit–two social giants often criticized for their leniency on abhor speech–are taking a firm stand against violence and discrimination, aggressively banning entire dislike groups and pages linked to the far-right, according to a CNET report.

Facebook said it removed the official Unite the Right events page and is taking down all links to an offensive Daily Stormer article about Heather Hayer, the 32 -year-old woman killed during the Charlottesville rally. This comes just days after realm providers GoDaddy and Google plummeted the Daily Stormer’s website. It had now been moved from “. com” to a “. ru” Russian domain name.

Facebook told CNET it will also ban several other groups, including Physical Removal, Genuine Donald Trump, White Patriot United, Right Wing Death Squad, and Vanguard America, among others. A representative said it will continue to remove posts that praise violence or detest speech.

Screengrab via Reddit

Reddit already removed the subreddit r/ Physical_Removal after several communities complained about the violent content posted to its page. It didn’t say whether it had banned other groups.

” We are very clear in our site words of service that posting content that instigates violence will get consumers prohibited from Reddit. We have banned/ r/ Physical_Removal due to violations of the terms of our content policy ,” a Reddit spokesperson told CNET.

Facebook and Reddit are just the latest in a string of corporations banning white nationalists and so-called ” alt-right “” members from applying their on-line service. Popular crowdfunding website GoFundMe said it removed “multiple” campaigns attempting to provide financial aid to James Fields, the man suspected of murdering Hayer. White supremacists were also rejected by Airbnb even before the Charlottesville protest. The popular app deactivated reports it thought were created by people who were planning to host white supremacist gatherings.


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