Wow, Samsung! We didn’t know you had it in you.

Today, Samsung publicly dissed the iPhone during its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8 launch event.

During the keynote, Samsung spent about five minutes early in the speech comparing the image quality and video stabilization features of its brand new camera to its chief contender, the iPhone 7 Plus.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 packs a significantly more powerful camera than any available Apple products — at least for now.

Samsung managed to avoid perhaps the most important detail when comparing the Note 8 to the iPhone. In merely a couple of weeks, most experts agree that Apple will release a brand new device unofficially dubbed the iPhone 8.

But that wasn’t all!

Samsung likewise threw some heavy tint at Apple when it “was talkin about a” the wireless charging capabilities of the Note 8. In occurrence you didn’t know, Apple is expected to add wireless accusing to the iPhone 8.

Then there was a low blow. Samsung called out Apple in a huge lane by touting the existence of a headphone jack in the Galaxy Note 8. As you may recall, Apple removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus because, as Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller explained, the company had the “courage” to do so. Samsung didn’t take that lightly apparently, and burnt back at today’s keynote.

So is the Note 8 actually better than the iPhone 7 Plus? Candidly, it doesn’t matter because in merely a few weeks, Apple is very likely to announce a brand new smartphone that will trounce the Note 8’s technology.

The iPhone 8 ought to be able to pack in a brand new camera system and advanced 3D scanning technology that could threw it leaps and bounds ahead of Samsung. For now, we definitely enjoy the Note 8 camera, but we wouldn’t be surprised if our infatuation dies down following the anticipated Apple event in September.

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