Hello! This is Haenuli, I am a fashion designer who owns a small brand and likewise an artist. My biggest pastime is outlining and doing creative material, but I didn’t expect so many support with some of my pulls! Hope you like my drawings.

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When I visited the Paris Orsay museum, I find many paintings but one old painting by Marianne Stoke( “Young girl and the angel of death” ), that was Death-like; stood out to me. It was very interesting in human history how Death or Depression were messages and metaphors. They were shown in many different ways and sorts throughout time.

This gave me so much inspiration in dealing with my own depression. I thought about my lost friends, broken hearts and hard times that I’ve been through. I wanted to accept my depression and I started to draw with short messages.

Even dark things give convenience, and often depression is the odd solace for knowing us well. I hope you enjoy my describes, my book will be published soon. Thank you for reading!