This July, Cafe Art, a UK based initiative that allows the homeless to express themselves through arts and photography, gave 100 Fujifilm disposable cameras to the homeless in London. Basic training was provided by the Royal Photographic Society, and then the camera recipients were asked to take photos with the theme “My London.”

Eighty of the one-hundred cameras were returned and around 2,500 photos were developed. 20 photos were chosen by judges from Fujifilm, Amateur Photographer, the London Photo Festival, Christie’s, and Homeless Link. Presently, there is a Kickstarter campaign to become some of these photos into a 2016 calendar.

“All the money raised goes back into the project, ” Cafe Art mentions, “either to pay for the publish of the photographs and calendar, rewarding the winning photographers, buying art substances for artwork groups affected by homelessness or helping individuals attend art courses.”

Photo by ROL, Which Was Voted To Be The Cover

The Kickstarter Pitch And The Importance Of Disposable Cameras: