Instead of picking from your many friends to be in your wedding party, why not stick to man’s best friend?

Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthews, a pair from Cumbria, England, had the fluffiest best man and maid of honor for their special day. The newlyweds choice their dogs, Niko and Phil, to be in their July wedding and it was absolutely precious.

The doggos both wore fancy collars, Niko in a sweet floral arrangement and Phil with a dapper bow-tie.

Family tied the new Mr and Mrs Matthews #alaskanmalamute

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Posing up a storm with the wedding party #alaskanmalamute

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Possibly the cutest bridesmaid and groomsman of all time?

Emma-Leigh told Mashable that her notion to have Niko and Phil in the working party was a no-brainer , “My puppies are my children, I treat them as such. You wouldn’t get married without your children. There was never a question of marrying Shane without them there.” Luckily, they were able to find an historical mansion that allowed their two malamutes to be a part of their big day.

The best man, Phil, even doubled as a videographer by wearing a GoPro on his collar.

Making their way down the aisle with @harleymatthews_ and phil being videographer #alaskanmalamute

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It may come as no surprise, but the two of them absolutely stole the indicate, “Guests just wanted selfies with the Insta-famous bird-dogs! Didn’t necessity a photo booth.”

The couple also has a cat named Milo, but the venue had a strict dogs-only policy.

Ah well, Milo would have been a very handsome addition to the party.

Emma-Leigh have said that Niko and Phil had an awesome time, “They loved it! They were get so much attention and the inn had such massive grounds for then to play in.”

Honestly, when in doubt just add bird-dogs. Everything is better with dogs.

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