A woman who suffers from convulsions shared a training video which highlights how her service puppy Colt helps her from injuring herself.

Janaye endured a traumatic brain injury in 2012, which induces it very dangerous if she were to reached her chief, such as in a seizure. Thankfully, her pup Colt is always by her side to protect her from farther injury.

Janaye recently released a educate video, which demonstrates how Colt can help her in this situation

“This is just us keeping up with his educate, ” Janaye wrote on YouTube. “I have to exam him on everything that he knows often to make sure he still does it all reliably. He is trained to do this in a certain way that continues both him and me safe.”

Janaye has a current GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign in order to help her raise money for a SmartDrive wheelchair, which will help her and Colt move around more easily.

You can follow Colt and Janaye’s progress on Instagram and YouTube.

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