Man Time” is a comic about life as a trans human, by a trans man, and it’s awesome.

After noodling on a few suggestions for a web comic about coming out and living as a trans humankind, Sam, a 26 -year-old designer and artist from New Jersey decided to bring a few to life. Sam himself came out as a transgender humankind about seven years ago.

“I had a few funny ideas one day and figured I should at least give it a try and see if anyone liked them, ” Sam writes in an e-mail interview.

Spoiler alarm: They did .

All comics by Sam for “Man Time, ” used with permission.

The cartoons are comic succour and a welcome infringe from what can be a very stressful transition.

“Our households or friends might not be supportive, we might be having trouble with the medical side of transitioning, and we hear rude gags about trans people when we least expect it, ” Sam writes. “All of that takes a toll on you, and its easy to get depressed.”

That’s why Sam made “Man Time” to giggle, commiserate, and connect with other people “re going through” the exact same thing.

“I think that one of the most important things in life is to be able to chuckle, ” he writes. “Sharing narratives and laughing together is the best way to make friends and build a community.”

Sam’s community has increased substantially as “Man Time” has more than 10, 000 adherents on Tumblr. Not bad for its first nine months.

Laugh along and get some insight into the lives of a few trans boys through Sam’s characters in five more of his favorite pieces.

1. Coming out can be nerve-wracking, especially to friends and family.

2. Though sometimes, it seems like they knew all along.

3. Transitioning isn’t something that happens overnight. There’s often a new name and pronouns.

4. And sometimes new hormones too.

5. But each change, medical or not, takes serious mettle.

While “Man Time” may focus on the experiences of trans humankinds, everybody is appreciate its seriousnes, nerve, and humor.

Supporting, reading,listening to, and watchingcontent by transgender creators is a good way to get a greater understanding of what it’s are keen to trans. It’s also one of the many styles you can stand with trans and non-binary peopleduring what’s been a really scary and challenging time.

So as Sam suggests, take a minute to giggle. What better lane to connect, build community, and celebrate our diversity and our common ground?

Note: Sam requested not to use his last name in this part, and we obliged. We respect his privacy and was grateful for sharing his work with us.

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