( CNN) Marvel’s powerful track record in movies is no secret, but until now, the studio has largely avoided making traditional superhero indicates for television. “Agents of SHIELD” was merely peripherally connected to the Avengers franchise, while the studio’s “street level” dramas for Netflix — including the upcoming “The Defenders” — feature a gritty, almost film-noir style.

The implications for Marvel and ABC appear significant. With the former bringing names like “Captain Marvel” and “Black Panther” to the movies, how “Inhumans” does will likely impact whether more second-tier costumed characters are liable to be steered to TV, and ABC in particular.

Until now, ABC has been surprisingly slow to cash in on Marvel properties, despite their shared parentage as divisions of the Walt Disney Co. Attempts to expand on “SHIELD” have fizzled, as “Agent Carter” was canceled and a pilot featuring spun-off characters wasn’t picked up as a series.