Attending a music festival at least once in your life is about as mandatory as leaving your motherland at least once. You just have to do it because as a wise Wiz Khalifa once said, we are young, wild, and free. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you considered get that as a tattoo. Drinking in excess, deafening music, and feeing overpriced food are a betchs top three fave things. So, when you set them all together on a remote island in NYC for a Coachella knockoff or in the middle of Chicago, us basic bitches everywhere are going to unite. This means were naturally stressing over what the hell is were going to wear because festival garb requires a combo of hippie Vanessa Hudgens and cold Kendall Jenner. Were not showing up looks a lot like rave sluts in pink fishnets and inexpensive thongs( God , no. Make it stop ). Nor are we going to Forever2 1 and grabbing the most plain high waisted shorts and crop tank. Nailing the boho chic aesthetic involves versatile staples, slightly confounding detailing, and bold accessories that won’t got to get accused of committing culture appropriation. Whether youre going to Lollapalooza this weekend or prepping for Outside Lands, here are boho chic essentials for an outfit to attain your friends envy your trendy ways.

1. Free People Gia Cream Lace Bodysuit

Its going to get hot and sweaty real quick so an tusk bodysuit is the perf go-to for an instant sex free-spirited looking. In addition to the cord detailing on this one, the front has two brass saloons that gives off a boho spin. With the last month of summer upon us, your tan will appear so much better in all of your Snapchats.

2. GRLFND Cindy High-Rise Shorts

Well , no shit. Obvs plan on wearing rent high-waisted shorts because you just like, have to for a celebration. These “re a bit” cheeky but they offer enough coverage so youre not mooning all persons who dances behind you. Aint nobody want to see that shit anyway.

3. Kristin Cavallari Tori Knotted Wraparound Sandal

With hippie tendencies during festival season come complicated strappy shoes that take up the time you are able to invest pregaming instead. These are cute af so youll have to suck it up. Youll want a flat shoe thats comfortable to last all day in, especially since youll be standing and dancing for hours. This style comes in three neutral colors, but a caramel shade is ideal for summery western vibez.

4. Whistles Astrid Embossed Leather Crossbody

Boho chic pieces come in vivid colors and mixed patterns so if you mix and match too much at once, youll only look like you got ready while you were blackout( which you may very well have been, but you don’t crave anyone to know that inevitably ). Keeping neutral tints together is what really keeps it Insta-worthy, so before you induce your posse take a picture of you on your good side, match your shoes and bag for a balanced appear. Find a cross body thats big enough for at least your telephone, sunglasses, perhaps a bottle small-scale water bottle, and then some.

5. Celeste Charm Lariat Necklace Set

Any plunging neckline wants bling to fill up the space and bring more unnecessary attention to your cleavage because you worked hard to make it appear good. Find minimalist appeals like this set for a unique delicate style even if you could care less about the fucking solar system.

6. Free People Gold Spiral Metal Upper Armband

Straight from Free Peoples festival shop( which is like, straight fire BTW ), this arm cuff is the perf addition for a fashion-forward accessory that constructs you seem both v artsy and trendy. The armbands are adjustable so you can totally use it to your advantage and attain your limbs look toned AF or conceal embarrassing farmer tans. IDK if our ancestors from Woodstock would be inevitably proud, but I feel like the Queen of Coachella aka Vanessa would be, which comes pretty close.

7. Quay Australia The Playa Sunglasses

Im not a fan of Gigis mustard sunglasses and frankly , not everybody appears good in Ozzy Osbournes circle sunnies, so I give the holographic frame a solid 10/10 for must-have festival shades. The trippy rose gold will hide your drunk eyes and def look fab on every basic betch who already has everything in the pink metal. Since the frames are kinda trippy, youll probs entertain that one person in the crowd who clearly took route too many drugs for their own good. Omg duuude, those are sick. Can I try them on ?! Lets not but, say we did?

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