Face-morphing app FaceApp, which use a neural network for editing selfies in a photorealistic style, has updated its iOS and Android apps to what its calling FaceApp 2.0 further fleshing out its monetization play with a Pro version that contains a series of selfie styling/ beautifying filters.

The app became a bit of a viral reach earlier this year, off the back of a set of free filters that let people radically change the appearance of a selfie or portrait photo, including adding a toothy smile, switching genders, and dialing age appearing behavior up or lane down.

It likewise ran into some race controversy over a hotness filter which had originally been included in the app, after people procured it was lightening skin tone as one of its beautify influences leading to accusations of prejudice.

The founder subsequently apologized for what he described as an unfortunate side-effect of the underlying neural network caused by the training determined bias and the offend filter was renamed, while the team worked on a fix.

v2 of the app still includes a selection of free filters( though no longer a hotness filter ), grouped together under the heading fun. Theres also a new section called Style, which requires a Pro upgrade.

The face-altering results being offered here are more obviously is targeted at burnishing and beautifying the appearance of selfies, which FaceApp is hoping people will be willing to pay for, including a makeup filter and a hipster, goatee-adding option.

v2 of the app also includes is supportive of face-morphing full-size photos, and a refreshed UI.

Before this update, you could upgrade to the Pro version to get some extra features( e. g. remove watermarks) and turn off ads , notes founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov. The feedback we got is that there are a lot of people that are ready to pay for our app but expect to get new filters in return.

Goncharov wont disclose any new utilization metrics for FaceApp at this point, but says since its initial liberate in January its had more than 45 million downloads.

Whether many users can be convinced to shell out for a few selfie beautifying influences remains to be seen, as there are a lot of existing apps that offer such effects including multiple makeup apps/ apps for smoothing and softening skin tone, and/ or giving you a stylized cute/ kawaii look( e.g. long-time Chinese appMeitu ).

Whereas FaceApp grabbed initial attention for the novelty of its more radical modifications, such as a gender swapping feature which has led to the strange( and sometimes) public pass of men longing to satisfy their female egoes. And wives creating female versions of producing boys in the Trump administration