The New York Post is getting royally dragged after it tweeted an article declaring “boobs are back, ” leaving women everywhere rolling their eyes collectively.

The article, which was originally published by The Sun mentioned “bountiful boobs” are back in style, greeting the “return of the out-and-proud cleavage”.

“A big-boob movement is happening, and we should espouse it, ” read the article. “An uplifted chest signifies an uplifted mood, after all.” Wow, who knew that all this time boobs weren’t chic?

Thankfully, the women of Twitter were on hand to proffer their imagines on the purported new trend.

Anyone got any spare boob lying around?

Some women were just really thankful they can finally put their boobs back on.

For those of us with “bountiful” breasts, it’s been a difficult time. Thankfully, it’s all behind us now.

Maybe this new tendency needs its own anthem. How about a new version of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town? “

One smartypants had a very salient point to make about boob being “back”.

Phew, thank goodness they’re back.

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