Everyone farts … it may be a tad bit embarrassing, but if it induces you feel better, even our little feline friends do it too! You may not have recognise it because bird-dogs tend to expel more gas than felines. Nonetheless, sometimes a feline does let one lose and you get a little wiff and just think … “Wooh! Is that normal? “

Well, we are here to … clear the air!

Most Cat Farts Are Normal

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So before you get worried and simply realize that your cats farts are beginning to drops, here is some common makes; Diets that are high in fiber, Dairy ingestion, Eating too fast and swallowing excessive quantities of air, Consuming spoiled food or garbage, Hairballs, and Dietary changes especially ones that aren’t gradual

Here’s when you should start to worry…

Noticeable tummy rumbling, Abdominal bloating, Excessive gas, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Bloody stools, Abdominal pain when the belly is touched, Decreased craving, Scooting along the flooring, and ? Excess drooling

If any of these symptoms have become frequent, then you should probably consult a veterinarian.

At the Vets

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During a veterinarian consultation, they will start asking you about your cat’s diet and feeing habits. It will be wise for them to likewise conduct a thorough physical examination and possibly order blood work or abdominal x-rays. We know that these tests may seem scary but they are crucial for getting to the bottom of anything going on with your cat.

So, all in all, it’s totally normal for cats to “cut the cheese”!