Which is which ?

Image: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sometimes life mimics art in the most perfect way: Larry David is actually, genuinely, literally relevant to Bernie Sandersy’know, the guy he impersonated on Saturday Night Live because everyone thought they appeared alike?

Turns out that David took its participation in PB’S genealogy series Finding Your Roots recently and discovered that he’s distantly related to the Vermont senator, “he’s in the line … like a third cousin, or something, ” David exposed at a panel promoting Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I was very happy about that, I figured there was some connection.”

If anyone isn’t so pleased to see you both, it’s likely Finding Your Roots , since David was instructed to keep the news a secret presumably so that the reveal could properly promote the hilarious bombshell. Alas, a reporter apparently already knew about it after watching a screener, and asked David to demonstrated the news right in the middle of the panel of experts, so the cat’s out of the bag.

“They told me not to say anything, but youre spilling the beans, ” he laughed.

While it certainly sounds like a plotline straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm , this unlikely plot twist is apparently real. Still, given the proliferation of fake news on the internet these days, we’ve reached out to Finding Your Roots for confirmation, juuuuust to make sure.

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO for Season 9 on Sunday, Oct. 1.

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