Accessible home monitoring should be more than only being able to buy a security camera. It signifies having a packaged software experience, where you should be able to connect cameras over a secure cloud linkage while mounting them on walls, glass or the outdoors.

Because we live in the age of connected devices, being able to interface with Alexa and HomeKit software should not only be a bonus but a given. Luckily for you, the Circle 2 does all of it.

The only nagging requirement is setting aside a personal surveillance budget, but otherwise the Circle 2 is a great monitoring device.

Now you are able to spy or catch the bundle thief

If you wanted to catch a robber at the door before they run away with your bundle I may be projecting here, but it has happened a single Circle 2 is great for that. However, if your goal is to catch a break-in, you would at least need a camera at the entryway and another in the living room or kitchen, with accessories to match.

A speaker/ microphone duo exists in the camera, allowing you to communicate briefly with whomever you find via the Logi Circle iOS/ Android app. It functions as a push-to-talk feature within the app or a signed-in desktop.

Video quality is solid, outputting up to 1080 p HD video with a 180 -degree wide-angle lens. Though maybe not as impressive, the automatic night vision has visibility up to 15 feet and lets me learn moving objects , not including a stray cat.

Regarding software, theres a neat feature that would allow us to avoid sitting and watching a whole periods worth of footage to find something in the best interests. Within the Logi Circle app you are able to scroll through time, every two to six minutes or so, or have it compressed into a day brief.

The next time person says they knocked on your entrance, you can hold them( or yourself) accountable thanks to the app.

Getting more of the Circle 2 necessitates more money

So, you have your first Circle 2 camera, which is great! Now, what if youd like to say, mount it to a glass panel, mount it outdoors or, better yet, make it wireless and keep it anywhere theres a Wi-Fi connection? Youre going to need accessories a lot of them.

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