Google’s new iOS app will make it easier for family members to keep track of each other .

Image: google/ mashable composite

Smartphones allow us to stay in contact with our loved ones more closely than ever before, but some of the most important features, like location sharing, are simply functional when everyone uses the same operating system on their machines.

That’s about to change. Google is bringing its Trusted Contacts location sharing app to iOS, building it even easier for households that span the Android-iPhone divide to keep track of each other during emergencies.

The app comes to iOS after debuting for Android last year. Customers can now proactively share their locating with their in-group or search for the last place a friend or loved one was active on their phone if they suddenly run silent , no matter their OS.

iOS machines already have a similar feature with Find My Friends, but Trusted Contacts expands the scope of the tracking abilities across operating system. That signifies a loved one with an iPhone can pinpoint the last active location of a Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, and vice versa.

The new iOS Trusted Contacts app comes with a round of updates for the service for all users. You can now add people to your “trusted contacts” list by their phone number, and the app sends an SMS to them to connect.

Users can also opt how quickly their locating will be automatically shared if they know they’ll be away from their phone and unable to answer. The default setting had been five minutes, but now the response time can be set at any time from immediately to an hour.

Image: google

Privacy might be a concern for people who don’t want their loved ones to have a constant bead on their locating but if it’s that big of a bargain, those people don’t have to download the app. Google told Mashable last year at the launch of the Android version that Trusted Contacts is “necessary” no matter the privacy fears, since emergency situations can make it impossible for people is in response to messages.

The Trusted Contacts expansion follows Google’s new SOS alerts, a situate of features for Search and Maps designed to build emergency info more accessible to all in the event of a crisis. Google might not be able to prevent tragedies, but it’s taking steps to help those affected.

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